History of Troubleshooters.Com

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Using Notepad, Steve Litt creates Litt's Tips, a website devoted to programming, documentation and troubleshooting. Although traffic was sparse, feedback was very positive. Litt's Tips exists today as a section of Troubleshooters.Com.
6/20/1996 Steve Litt obtains second-level domain name troubleshooters.com.
6/20-7/26 Steve builds the original Troubleshooters.Com website with Microsoft FrontPage 1.1. It was 26 prose-heavy pages. Its local content was limited to the revolutionary Universal Troubleshooting Process. It also had some tips on SQL troubleshooting. Other than that, Troubleshooters.Com was essentially a link site.
7/26/1996 At 3:07pm Steve FTP's version 1 of the Troubleshooters.Com website up to Pacificnet.Net (ISP), and spent the rest of the day and the next two days emailing birth announcements. The site got 35 unique IP visits the first week, shattering the Litt's Tips record.
Late Sept
After Steve's wife, Sylvia, took a course on web design and marketing, she convinces him to replace the text heavy interface with the present-day "table of graphics".
Early Oct
For months Steve had wanted to provide a "symptom description wizard" to help people assemble their thoughts into a complete, accurate symptom description. He programs it in Java and FTP's the result to the site on 10/19/1996. The Symptom Description Wizard garners heavy praise, and becomes Troubleshooters.Com's second major piece of local content.
Late Dec
Steve authors the Building a Fresh New Win95 Machine page, the third major piece of local content. Troubleshooters.Com is becoming well-known as a source of original information.
Late Dec
Troubleshooters.Com has its first 100+ visitor day.
1/2/1997 The first issue of Troubleshooting Professional Magazine, an ezine appearing on the Troubleshooters.Com site.
Jan 1997 Troubleshooters.Com becomes a download site when opens a new section devoted to tools.
Feb 1997 Troubleshooters.Com drops FrontPage in favor of Netscape Navigator Gold as its development tool.
May 1997 Troubleshooters.Com now averages 150 visits per day.
6/25/1997 Troubleshooters.Com adds the Code Corner subsite, devoted to computer programmers.
7/17/1997 The following line is taken from Troubleshooters.Com's Log Report:
Number of distinct hosts served: 2 805 (1 300)
(Figures in parentheses refer to the last 7 days).

This translates to 1300 distinct site visits over 7 days, or 186 *different* visitors each day. Most sites define a visit as any series of accesses from an IP address, separated from any other series from the same IP address by 15 minutes. Under such a criteria Troubleshooters.Com has well over 200 visits a day.

Measuring with the old "hits" measurement, Troubleshooters.Com is getting 2,392 hits per day, as shown by this line in our log report:

Average successful requests per day: 2 421 (2 392)
(Figures in parentheses refer to the last 7 days).
7/26/1997 Troubleshooters.Com, established 1996, is one year old.

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