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The Key to Everyday Excellence

By Steve Litt 
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PDF (eBook), 350 pages, 110,000 words

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"Why didn't I think of that ten minutes earlier?"

We've all asked ourselves that question, and we all try to minimize its occurrence. Because we know that the difference between the guy reaping the benefits and the guy sweeping up the leftovers is often a ten minute head start:

  • Ace the interview.
  • Close the deal.
  • Submit and manage the winning plan.
  • Avoid the trap.

Let the sweeper guy hear "sorry, we found a better candidate" or "we found a better deal" or "we're going with another plan, but you can work on it". You're too busy, and your career's too important, to put up with that kind of distraction. You're going to move heaven and earth to get that ten minute head start.

There's a known, reproducible tactic to give you that ten minute head start. To help you think on your feet. To win. It's called Scan and Exploit. Scan and Exploit isn't easy to learn, to incorporate, or to perform. That's why Key to Everyday Excellence is written as fiction, enabling you to learn Scan and Exploit, right along with the main character, until it becomes part of you. Until it becomes as instinctive as walking. Until you can use it to win in any situation.

As if the ten minute head start isn't enough, Key to Everyday Excellence also gives you two different methods for creating your own processes, so you can excel on often-performed tasks. One more way this book puts miles between you and the sweeper guy. As with Scan and Exploit, you learn and internalize these process factory methods right along with the main character. By the time you finish this book, making your own processes will be a natural part of your life.

Start reading this book tonight to reap even more benefits tomorrow. If a sweeper guy jealously asks you how you always get your way, recommend this book to him. But he won't read it: He has more important things to do with his time. That's why he's the guy sweeping up your leftovers as you reap the benefits.

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What Others Are Saying

Here's what people are saying about The Key to Everyday Excellence:

  • "The Key to Everday Excellence is a wonderful addition to my library...I am always looking for ways to improve human performance or short-cut my way to Personal Freedom and Success"
  • "Enjoying the book. I'm up to about Chapter 25."
  • I just started to read your book last night and so far its great!"
  • “Excellent Book!!!! “
  • “I love the story format, so far away from reading other self help textbooks. I devoured it while I was vacationing at the cottage. Even though I was in vacation mode it did get the mental juices flowing! I will have to read it again soon to see what I missed as my mind drifted toward the dock occasionally. Keep up the good work!"
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