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Thriving In Tough Times
The Thinking Person's Guide to Success and Fulfillment
By Steve Litt 
The book's cover Price: $14.95

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PDF (eBook), 312 pages, over 77,000 words
  • Chapter 4, full
  • Chapter 6, 1st 3 pages
  • Chapter 14, 1st 3 pages
  • Chapter 16, 1st 3 pages

  • You're a thinking person. You need this book.

    This book is the real deal for thinking people with real problems, containing 39 tools you can use at any time to boost your productivity and brighten your mood, even in the face of tough problems. 

    If you need to make a tough decision, turn to Chapter 9: Use a Journal as Your Decision Engine. Or Chapter 34: Ask These Six Valuable Questions. For help with cyclical slumps in performance, see chapter 33: Convert Nervousness to Anticipation and Disappointment to Understanding

    Chapters 36: Prioritize Thought over Dogma, 37: Avoid Life Changing Mistakes, 38: Be Careful of the Principle of the Thing, 39: Save Money, and 40: Don't Let Them Sucker You are all detailed reminders how to avoid life's landmines. 

    To inprove your efficiency visit these chapters 16: Prioritize, 17: Delegate, 26: Bust Through Procrastination, 29: Plant Seeds, and 32: Surround Yourself With the Right People

    To the right is the table of contents. Every chapter in Part II is a mood enhancer, but when you feel your attitude getting low, your first stops should be to chapters 4: Don't Beat Yourself Up, 5: Don't Expect to Be Happy All the Time, 6: Keep the 10th Commandment, 7: Acknowledge the Existence of Luck, 8: Take Pride in Your Actions, 20: Look Forward to Looking Back, 21: Exercise, 22: Maintain Proper Sleep and Diet, and 41: Forgive Your Own Imperfections.

    Other books urge you to make lemonade when handed a lemon. This book tells you exactly how to do that.
    Table of Contents
    Part I: Introduction                                          1
       Chapter 1: Warning/Disclaimer                              2
       Chapter 2: How to Use this Book                            4
       Chapter 3: How I Came to Write This Book                  10
    Part II: Success and Fulfillment Tools                       17
       Chapter 4: Don't Beat Yourself Up                         18
       Chapter 5: Don't Expect to Be Happy All the Time          25
       Chapter 6: Keep the 10th Commandment                      28
       Chapter 7: Acknowledge the Existence of Luck              38
       Chapter 8: Take Pride in Your Actions                     41
       Chapter 9: Use a Journal as Your Decision Engine          50
       Chapter 10: Evaluate and Strongarm Your Mental State      62
       Chapter 11: Manage Expectations                           80
       Chapter 12: Start Your Own Business                       90
       Chapter 13: The Machine Gun Method                       104
       Chapter 14: Find Alternate Routes                        112
       Chapter 15: Move                                         119
       Chapter 16: Prioritize                                   124
       Chapter 17: Delegate                                     142
       Chapter 18: Develop Your Skills                          144
       Chapter 19: Understand the "One True Job" Myth           154
       Chapter 20: Look Forward to Looking Back                 158
       Chapter 21: Exercise                                     162
       Chapter 22: Maintain Proper Sleep and Diet               171
       Chapter 23: Music, Dance and Art                         173
       Chapter 24: Define Cool                                  175
       Chapter 25: If You Never Crash, You're Not Going For It  187
       Chapter 26: Bust Through Procrastination                 189
       Chapter 27: Get Religion --- Your Way                    193
       Chapter 28: Be Nice to People                            196
       Chapter 29: Plant Seeds                                  202
       Chapter 30: Enjoy Your Family                            205
       Chapter 31: A Word to the Single                         207
       Chapter 32: Don't Take Offense                           215
       Chapter 33: Surround Yourself With the Right People      218
       Chapter 34: Convert Nervousness to Anticipation and     
                   Disappointment to Understanding              226
       Chapter 35: Ask These Six Valuable Questions             241
       Chapter 36: Age Gracefully                               248
       Chapter 37: Prioritize Thought over Dogma                254
       Chapter 38: Avoid Life Changing Mistakes                 267
       Chapter 39: Be Careful of "the Principle of the Thing"   274
       Chapter 40: Save Money                                   282
       Chapter 41: Don't Let Them Sucker You                    290
       Chapter 42: Forgive Your Own Imperfections               299
    Part III Using Your Tools                                   301
       Chapter 43: I've Read the Book: What Now?                302
       Chapter 44: SuperYou                                     304
    Index                                                       309

    In the contents, notice Part II has 39 chapters, each containing a specific mood and effectiveness boosting tool. You can use each tool to make the most of a tough situation in the short term, and to make that tough situation go away in the long term.

    This Book is Different

    You're probably wondering how this book is different from the hundreds of self-help books crowding your local bookstore. You know, the ones written by Ph.D.s, television personalities, clergymen, athletes, coaches, personal trainers, self-proclaimed motivational writers and success coaches.

    This book is written for thinking people. The thinking person has been around the block a few times, and knows that what works and what doesn't. What works is good, solid, well explained information doable by a mere mortal. The thinking person knows the following don't work:
    • Heartstring-tugging stories of people overcoming obstacles on their way to success: The thinking person knows that unless the reader has the exact same obstacles, skills, environment and opportunities, such stories can't be duplicated by the reader. They just wind the reader up to a manic frenzy and then leave the reader wondering where to go next.
    • Empty myths like "Build it and they will come!" or "Live your dream and the money will come!": The thinking person knows that neither building it nor living your dream is a guarantee. This is particularly insulting is the fact that due to economic circumstances because many people simply cannot do what they love -- they must instead do what is necessary, and learn to love that!
    • Bullying the reader --- "It is what it is!", "It's God's will!", "You must totally commit!". Or belittling or blaming the reader: The thinking person knows you can't shame someone into success.
    • Demanding acceptance of an overarching life philosophy: The thinking person has spent a lifetime developing a personal life philosophy and doesn't want to part with it. The thinking person wants to change just what's not working rather than throwing away everything and starting from scratch.
    • Demanding the learning of a new vocabulary: The thinking person knows that psycho-babble, new-age-drivel, success slang and childish analogies are no match for straight talk. 
    • Demanding specific religious beliefs: The thinking person has seen what happens to people who regularly change religions to change their luck, and wants no part of it.
    • Overblown visualizations of success: The thinking person knows the Hummer, BMW and speedboat parked in the driveway of the 4000 square foot, newly remodeled home is a poor metric for success. And the idealized picture of the perfect family as a success metric is just silly. Having perfectly and perpetually attentive parents is the perfect way to ruin the childrens' fun and drive the parents nuts.
    • Perfection: The thinking person knows that nobody's perfect. Not even Dr. Phil :-) The thinking person spends more time constantly improving strong points than worrying about life's little imperfections.

    You're a thinking person. You need this book.

    Real Problems

    These are tough times. The worst economy since the Great Depression. 10% unemployment, the credit crisis, the foreclosure epidemic, the crash in sales figures, the recent 40% drop in the stock market, business failures. Pressure at work if you're lucky, pressure in the job search otherwise. Pressure paying the rent or mortgage, health insurance, food, car repairs, gasoline. Big debts through bad decisions or bad luck.

    Real problems. But you can't let them kidnap your happiness or effectiveness. "Thriving in Tough Times" is written to help you solve these problems and more.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    This book's $14.95 price is the cost of a midrange restaurant meal. If this book keeps you employed one day longer, gets you back to work one day sooner, helps you start a business, or just makes you happier, it's paid for itself several times over. The sooner you get this book, the sooner you'll benefit. Get it today!