Command Purpose
nohup mplayer -loop 0 -input file=steve.fifo -playlist arties_best.m3u &  

Start mplayer in the background, allow the playlist to repeat infinitely, read commands from steve.fifo, and use playlist arties_best.m3u.
echo quit > steve.fifo
Cause mplayer to quit.
echo pausing seek -1 0 > steve.fifo
Pause mplayer.
echo pausing seek -1 0 > steve.fifo;
echo pause > steve.fifo
Unpause mplayer, regardless of its current pause state. Note that both these commands must be run to guarantee unpause.
echo loadlist arties_white_horse_dreams.m3u > steve.fifo;
Switch to playlist arties_white_horse_dreams.m3u.
echo seek 10 0 > steve.fifo
Jump ahead 10 seconds in current song.
echo seek -10 0  > steve.fifo
Back up 10 seconds in current song.
echo seek 0 1  > steve.fifo
Go to beginning of current song.
echo pt_step 1 > steve.fifo
Skip to the next song in the playlist.
echo pt_step -1 > steve.fifo
Go back to the previous song in the playlist.
echo volume 8 > steve.fifo
Play the song a little louder (repeat as necessary).
echo volume -8 > steve.fifo
Play the song a little softer (repeat as necessary).
echo mute 1 > steve.fifo
Mute mplayer (song keeps playing silently).
echo mute 0 > steve.fifo
Unmute mplayer.

Menu Screenshots

Song player main menu Song player main menu: Major functions load and unload (zap) mplayer, pause and unpause. Also navigate to submenus for playlist, seek and volume.
Song player playlist submenu Song player playlist menu: So far only Change Playlist is implemented, but Edit Playlist could be bolted to many programs, including Vim.
Song player seek submenu Song player seek menu: Here's where you can move around the current song as well as moving to the previous or next song on the playlist.
Song player volume submenu Song player volume menu: Here's where you adjust the sound. L increases a couple DB, S lowers by the same amount. By quickly repeating keypresses, you can quickly adjust the volume as needed. Also includes mute and unmute.