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Universal Troubleshooting Process

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What We License

This is a non-exclusive license to use Universal Troubleshooting Process materials within a scope, on a specified medium, during a time period. In no way is this to be construed as a transfer of ownership, a right to sell or give away the material outside the licenses scope, medium or time period. In all cases, Steve Litt retains sole right to distribute the Universal Troubleshooting Process material, outside of your license scope, medium and licensing period. This means that:

Determining the Licensing Fee

The following form queries you for most of the info necessary to determine a licensing fee for your organization. It has been designed to get you an answer fast by minimizing back and forth email. Fill in every field as best you can. There's an "other comments" field at the bottom to help in this regard. We will get back to you quickly.

Organization Information

Name of organization: 
Type of organization: 
Your Name: 
Your Email Address: 

Scope of this license

Which materials: 

In addition, would you like a quote on Course Handouts and Instructor Notes? 
(Note: The Course Handouts and Instructor Notes do not appear on the Troubleshooters.Com website.)

Licensing Period: 
Desired Start Date (mm-dd-yyyy): 
Scope within organization: 
Number of handouts printed/distributed under this license during its period:
Number of students taught under this license during its period: 
Other Comments: 

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