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Note: This Web Page is Out of Date and Hasn't Been Maintained Since 1996.

About Steve Litt

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I live in California with my wife and three three-year-old children (triplets). In my (very rare) spare moments I roller skate, ride a bike, take long walks, write short stories, and go on (never boring) family outings. Besides custom software development, documentation and on-site troubleshooting, I conduct publish books.

 Troubleshooting Courses

Everybody and their dog teaches troubleshooting, so what's different about my course? Look at everybody else's brochures. Invariably their main thrust is technical training for the machine or system to be serviced. That's great if it's what you need.

Sometimes you need more. If you've learned all about the machine and you want to be still more effective, or you're troubleshooting multi-platform environments, or you're in charge of the efforts of other troubleshooters, take my course. See my new website, Troubleshooters.Com to get an idea of what's in the course.

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 I publish these books:

Troubleshooting: Tools, Tips and Techniques
This book focuses on the Universal Troubleshooting Process step 6: Narrowing the problem. Narrowing the Problem. This book illustrates its Tools, Tips, and Techniques with troubleshooting stories (some very humorous) from my years as an electronic technician.

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