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Troubleshooters.Com® Consulting Services

We offer troubleshooting consulting services. So, for instance, if a network problem is making your network experts look bad, we can come on site. Our troubleshooting process expertise plus your employees' technical expertise usually equals a fast and accurate solution. And of course, we can train your employees in the Universal Troubleshooting Process.

We also offer software development consulting, with expertise in Python, C, and many other languages. Rates vary from $40.00 per hour to $95.00 per hour depending on location, quantity of work, and other factors.

Doing Business with Troubleshooters.Com

We're easy to work with. Because we work by the hour, there's less chance of misunderstanding. Whatever you need done, we'll be glad to do it. We give you deliverables early and often, so you know how your project is going.

We do not sign contracts with "indemnify and hold harmless" clauses, or "non-compete" clauses, nor do we require our clients to sign such contracts. We sign contracts with limited and symmetrical "non-disclosure" if those clauses do not have a chilling effect of limiting our future work.

We are thorough and ethical, and never divulge trade secrets or other proprietary information.

To learn more about the Universal Troubleshooting Process, click here. To learn more about our software expertise, click here.

To hire us for consulting, email us.