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Step 9: Take Pride

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The other steps fixed the problem. This step keeps YOU in shape. Troubleshooting is an intense mental effort, and must be done unemotionally. You can't keep that up for long without a break. So after each solution, take pride in your solution. Below is a description of this step as described in my book Troubleshooting: Tools, Tips and Techniques:

So you've finally nailed the tough problem you've been tracking. OK, now's the time for emotion. Take pride in what you just did. GLOAT over how you beat the problem that was trying to beat you. SAVOR the victory. GO OVER in your mind every step of the way to victory. REVIEW the course of the troubleshoot, where you were brilliant, where you could have done better. BRAG to your co-workers.

Technologists burn out at a frightening rate. Step 9 is one of your best defenses against burnout.


You can learn more about taking pride with the this Troubleshooting Professional Magazine, or from my books.

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