Troubleshooters.Com® Presents:

Training and Courseware Costs


Courseware License Prices

The Universal Troubleshooting Process courseware is licensed on a per-student basis, with one handout set per student, as well as one set of Instructor Notes per instructor. Our minimum order is 10 licenses. After your first ten licenses for the year, you can order in smaller increments.

This license fee incorporates a quantity discount, on a calendar year basis. For a calendar year, here are the license costs:

First 20     $60.00 each
Next 30 $55.00 each
Next 150 $50.00 each
Next 300 $45.00 each
Beyond that $40.00 each

Here is a Courseware cost calculator that implements the preceding discount schedule.

Please remind us of any other orders during the calendar year when ordering more licenses, so we can give you the proper discount. This is especially important if several departments or regions of your company order courseware.

Onsite Course Prices

The price of an onsite price consists of the sum of the following:

  1. The number of teaching days
  2. Travel time (primarily based on state)
  3. Courseware license fee ($40.00 per student for onsite courses)
  4. Expenses including airfare, lodging, car rental, parking, tolls, and an area-appropriate perdiem.

Components #1, #2 and #3 can be calculated on the On site cost estimator.

A partial prepayment will be required before airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rental reservations can be booked.

Component #4 cannot be pre-calculated, and will be billed directly, at cost, a few days after completion of the class.