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Find a Good Mechanic

People email me regularly with horror stories of inept automotive technicians charging them a fortune to mess up their car worse than ever. Is there a way to find a good mechanic? Yes!

Don't Disconnect the Battery with the Engine Running!
Well meaning mechanics and friends do this all the time. Sometimes nothing breaks. Sometimes it fries computers and other semiconductors. Includes a letter to give mechanics before they start work.

Steve Litt's Automotive Overheating Guide
Tips on finding the root cause of an overheating problem.

Roadside Overheating Diagnosis
The entire Fall 2002 Troubleshooting Professional Magazine details all aspects of this important subject. The time to read this is before you're stuck on the side of the road with a broken head gasket and plumes of steam rising from the engine.

Automotive Cooling System Maintenance and Repair
Our most comprehensive cooling system docs to date. Theory of automotive cooling systems, the anatomy of an overheat, fast and economical diagnostic techniques, and cooling system preventive maintenance. This is the April 2002 Troubleshooting Professional Magazine.

Troubleshooting Automotive Overheating
The entire May 2000 issue of Troubleshooting Professional Magazine is devoted to this subject.

Working With Auto Mechanics
The entire May 2001 issue of Troubleshooting Professional Magazine is devoted to finding, evaluating, and working with excellent automotive mechanics.

Steve Litt's Automotive Overheating Autoreply
This is the autoreply I send to emailed auto overheating questions whose answers can be found on Troubleshooters.Com, or questions not thorougly thought out by the sender. This is also a wonderful resource for anyone with an overheat problem.

The Universal Troubleshooting Process:
The ten step process optimized for diagnosing problems in machines and systems, INCLUDING CARS AND TRUCKS. This is the most famous content on Troubleshooters.Com.

Litt's Overheating Hypothesis:
A discussion of a possible cause for cyclic overheating, unexplained overheating, and unexplained coolant loss, and a test to verify or rule out that hypothesis. This has been superceded by Troubleshooting Automotive Overheating, but it's reveals some of the underlying thought that came before.


Dealing with car dealers on repairs and warranty work: From  Car Place. This much needed page gives you some ideas what to do when the dealer shafts you.

The Creative Lab Scope Technique Page: Tom Roberts has assembled this authoritative site devoted to automotive diagnosis with a digital storage oscilloscope. A must-read for the shop wanting to move beyond tuneups and tires.

The Dodge Dart Page: You want to know engine sizes, compressions, production numbers, and ideosyncracies of every Dodge Dart from 1963-1976? It's all here!

Autohaus AZ Gasoline Alley Tech Tips: Lots of great info on several automotive systems. I especially like the tips on brakes and the cooling system.

Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Central: Unltimate Mopar site. Links to just about everything, and lots of value added including troubleshooting tips and a great FAP. Excellent engine reference.

The Dodge Dart Page: Some people love MoPar. At 18 I bought my first car, 1959 Plymouth with a flathead 6 and a peace symbol. It burned a quart of oil every 50 miles. Years later I got a 72 Dodge Coronet with a 400. Now I have a 67 Coronet. I have 318 reasons to love it and one not to -- it's not a Dart! If you don't understand this, or if you do, or if you need info on what Darts could take what engines, or which darts came with hemis, read The Dodge Dart Page.

Cooling System

Steve Litt's Automotive Overheating Guide.

Automotive Cooling System Maintenance and Repair.

Litt's Overheating Hypothesis. Great beginner theory on the cooling system. Part of the great Autoshop Online documentation.

Air Conditioning  System

AirCondition.Com: Good source of automotive AC info. Best thing about this site are the Bulletin Board.


Autoshop 101: Free, online courses on electricity and basic auto electronics. Huge numbers of PDF documents on the electrical system.


Diesel Troubleshooting Tips: This is the Web at it's best -- For-profit Diesel Injection Service of Texas devotes a page to pure-content troubleshooting tips. Also see their Diesel Troubleshooting Chart.

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