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You're reading the right page if any of the following is true:

If some or all of the preceding apply to you, you're in the same boat as many organizations, there's a known cause, and it's an easy situation to remedy. The cause is simple enough: Most technologists haven't received a minute's training on the process and mindset of troubleshooting. The typical technologist receives months or years of training in applicable technologies, months of training on technology specific your organization, but no training on the process or mindset of troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting under these conditions is analogous to trying to play basketball with all sorts of physics training, but no training on how to play basketball. You know the equations for how balls bounce, arc and fly, but you've never been coached on how to dribble, shoot, or pass, and you've never been taught which of these things to do in a given situation. Is it any wonder that unproductive troubleshooting is so prevalent?

Most technologists learn a subset of the process and mindset of troubleshooting during the first two years of their working life. It takes some five years, and some never learn at all. In every troubleshooting class I've taught, technologists with over five years experience have told me they learned something helpful they didn't know before.

Troubleshooters.Com offers a two day course that can bring all your technologists up to the troubleshooting productivity of your best. You can either license the Troubleshooters.Com courseware for your internal trainers to teach, or you can have me come to your organization to perform the training. If, after reading this, you believe your technologists might benefit from the Troubleshooters.Com Universal Troubleshooting Process training, you can either request a license quote, or email Steve Litt.